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Re: 💞Sensual Lynn💞

Sensual Domination & Fetish Availableó INCALL

Emails me for more details - [email protected]
with your name, age , race & contact number

List of domination & fetish available can be found on my blog
(BDDSM Domination)

Thank u bros for my Domination & Fetish FR

Originally Posted by jackky View Post
Owe Lynn a FR.
Initially had requested for a sensual domination session with strapon fun. However, didn't have time to clear my bowel and decided to have a sensual tease and denial session instead. She was. In her sexy lingerie and a g-string when I reached. Chit chat with her after my shower. She is a good conversationalist and we discussed on her likes and dislikes before the session.
Soon, she was running her finger tickling my thigh and dick. It was so sensually done I was already dripping precum. I requested to worship her and she happily spread her legs apart exposing the clean shaven juciy pussy. The session ended with her giving me the best bbbj I ever had.
All the previous FR on Lynn is accurate. Definitely not a time watcher and very easy to break the ice.
She has a very seductive look that would give you a instant hard-on.

Originally Posted by SerpantKing View Post
Everyone perceives the same thing differently.
For the same plate of chicken rice, some people would love it, some would find it average, some might even hate it.

So please take my review as it is, and don't expect that you will/might perceive it as I did.

Lynn operates well or not based on her comfort level with you.
Just because you paid, doesn't mean you own her.

Don't forget, you are only paying for her time, not her body.

I happen to come across Lynn from Sensual Lynn and here's my personal experience.


Being a little more adventurous for trying different things, I went for something new in her menu.

BDSM Domination

It's not something that I've tried before but hey, you only live once.
However I had quite a particular storyline I had in mind.

One of my long time fantasy was to be reprimanded by my female boss for handing up a project past due, and she makes me please her to keep my job.
(Yes, cheesy, I know.)

Arranging the appointment with her, she requested for me to do advance transfer of payment.

I did as I was told and she dropped me her address.

When I arrived at her place, she greeted me at the door.
This petite little bubbly girl, who seemed genuinely happy to see me.

She was wearing a red corset which barely covers her little butt, and I already felt my heart pound.
I knew the next hour was going to be magical.

We made conversation for a little bit, and she directed me into the bathroom for a quick shower.
Cleanliness is important to her, so please make sure you are clean to ensure a good time for everyone.

When I was done, I came out, sat down on the bed with her and we started going into details of my fantasy.
Lynn was patient, open-eared, open-minded and even at times gave suggestions on how the experience could be better if we tried this/that.

I was totally afraid she'd judge me for being different and wanting something so out of the norm, but no, after 20 minutes of detailed and explicit discussions, I felt that she would be able to achieve what I was looking for.

and so it began...

I stood at the door, while she sat on the chair.
I knocked, and she said, "Who is it?"

"It's me boss."

"Come in." She said.

I walked meekly toward her.

"You are here for?" She questioned with a firm tone, without looking up at me.

"Oh I'm just here to report to you that I've just sent you the document which you requested yesterday morning. I know I'm late for it. Sorry, it won't happen again."

She put her phone down, looked up at me, and stood up.
Her right hand came flying across my left cheek.

"What time did I ask you to submit it to me?"


"And what time did you submit it to me?"


"Do you still want to keep your job?"

"Yes boss, I need this job desperately."

"But your lateness could have cost us this client. I had to cover for you. How are you going to make it up to me?"

Another slap came across my face.

"Erm..what do you want me to do boss?"

"I'll tell you what, show me that you really want to keep this job. Get on your knees."

I did as I was told.

"Crawl towards me."

I did as I was told.

"Lick my feet. If you do a good job, I'll consider keeping your job."

She shoved her foot in my face.
I must've licked it for a good 5 minutes before she said,
"Now move your tongue up my leg"

I did as I was told.

"Since you are so good with your tongue, use it on my pussy."

She pulled her g-string aside and I went in, did it as I was told.

I must have been servicing her for like a good 15 minutes before she said,
"Remove my panties. They're in the way."

once again, I did as I was told.

"Sit back, and hold your cock up. Let me see your balls."

She started to use her feet to gently caress my thighs, till it reached my testicles, and she gave it a swift kick.

"That's to remind you who's the boss."

I flinched, but dare not protest.
And she gave me another kick before saying,
"Now, taste my ass."

She turned around and showed me her pink little anus.
I went in and started rimming.
She moaned.
I continued.

Another 5 minutes later, she told me to stop, and asked me to stand up.
Slap! Her hand came across my face again,
Whack! That same hand slapped my balls this time.

"Now, lay down on the bed."

I did as I was told.

She climbed on me, and lowered her pussy right down on my face, cutting off my only air supply.

"You'll learn to love it. But now take it."

And I serviced her for another 15 minutes.
Soon, she eased up and started being nice to me.

"Good job my employee. Remember now, next time, hand in your document to me in time. If you do that, you'll get rewards."

She lied down next to me, started to caress my cock and balls with her hand, and licked my nipples.

I grew, I grew, and I grew.

"This is what you get if you're a good employee."

and she started slowly pumping me with her hands.
Lynn took her time, and 10 minutes later, I came gloriously.

That was where the story ended.

After that, we got cleaned up, and we sat on the bed and actually chatted for the next hour and a half.
Lynn is really easy to talk to and opens her true feelings to you as long as you are sincere.
I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants a good experience.

Guys, please treat her well and do not lowball her.
and finally, you can trust her enough to transfer the payment to her.
She will not run.

Thanks for reading my humble review.
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