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Re: Genital Herpes (HSV2) - partner tested positive

Let's say both partner and me are HSV2 positive. But only partner is symptomatic, and I have never been.

Will unprotected sex with partner increase likelihood of me developing symptoms if (let's say) she has active outbreaks, and we have sex during those times?

Medical experts online seem to say that if both have active symptoms AND it's the same type of HSV (e.g. HSV2), then no need for protection. But they don't really address the question of both positive for same type, but only one is symptomatic.

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It's a moral issue not a medical one.

In the USA there have been law suits over this very issue which is the reason why sometimes it is better not to know everything.

Herpes is overblown. It is very common and the majority of those who have it never even know they caught it but of course for those who suffer recurrent painful attacks it is a disaster.

There are excellent articles at
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