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Re: Advices on living in China

Originally Posted by garohe View Post
hey bro, just few words for you if you intend to go China. it's total different world out there.

if you go there with no baggage over here, just go and see the other world, you will learn fast and most probably get rid of your so-called girlfriend in no time

if you go there half-hearted, and hoping to get the best of both worlds, i rather you stay and get another girlfriend. very hard for you to get 20K RMB pay, unless you are super connected and hardworking. most probably you will struggling with 3-5K RMB.
how do you mean going over there with no baggage?

learn fast on how to work, what opportunities there are etc?

my sense is that if your mandarin not so strong, you'll just end up in expat networks (if you have some sort of polish, social class)

but that's probably not the best route to success in China..
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