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Re: 🍀 DocDonald 🍀 Maca Tongkat Ali Height Gainer, Sexual Well Being For Men Supplemen

Testimonials from Adult Discussion

Originally Posted by maylink View Post
Could not find any replacement till I discover Docdonald Tongkat Ali. The best is this product has no side effects.

Very comfortable with the seller. Steady one he gave clear instructions step by step. Half pill or full pill info. Consume twice daily, after maybe 1-2 months, once a week. I promised a review if i find the product good.

I took it daily and after 1 week, i can feel the difference. I know itís best after 1 month. But i wanted to test market. My erection was wow and my wife really enjoyed herself like crazy. Itís clear that I am having stronger erections. Damn happy I feel strong! This product is genuine.
Originally Posted by Kang Gary View Post
Bought a bottle and tried taking for a week plus. Twice daily. Body felt more energetic after few days. Penis more reactions also. Then I had full erection on one night. So have sex with my wife immediately and we were surprised my penis was like rock!

I lasted so long shockingly. After I cum, I got another erection very soon when my wife touched me and sex again!

Very happy to find this and will continue to use it. After finished taking this Iím going to try out another pill the seller recommend and will post my reviews.
Originally Posted by BroW View Post
I wanted to share for a long time. Took half pill twice daily as per instructed. After 2 weeks I can feel a lot of difference. Few nights ago I tried. I felt warm but could feel my little bro was like ready to get some action. Disturbed my girl and foreplay. My bro super hard so potent. Foreplay for so long but still havenít ejaculate. My girl was shocked why is it so hard. I said maybe really horny. She got more horny!

We fucked and I took very long to cum. My girl shocked she cum first! After I cum, my bro still hard! I fucked my girl again. She cum and cum. Unforgettable sex we had.

After 2nd round ejaculation we rested a while. My girl had changed. She became more horny too after massive pumping and she disturbed my small bro. I enjoyed my bro became hard monster suddenly. Thatís it i fucked her again till I cum long time!

My girl will never forget my hard monster. Take this product and your girl will never forget you.
Originally Posted by Gian Bia View Post
Tried another product, which is not effective, so I try this DocDonald Tongkat Ali. I followed instructions and after 1 month, I was sleeping with a thick hard wood sticking out of my shorts every night.

When I woke up next morning, it is still hard wood and I have to use towel to cover because I have children. Had to make afternoon appointment to release my load!

My cock power even before sleepÖ unbelievable. The best thing is, only my body feel good with energy.
Originally Posted by lalaland432 View Post
I told my girl about DocDonald and she laughed. My staminah improved gradually. At my peak, when we did our normal foreplay and fucking, 1st session I came after 30 mins, my girl so horny and wasted. But she saw my penis was still super hard and warm. She felt the power too and wanted a 2nd session.

We were so messy after 2nd session, but Iím not done yet. My girl was so tired. I rest for a few min then I fucked her gently. My girl was too weak and tired after that but she enjoyed. I will take once a week now if not my girl will be dead tired.
Originally Posted by Clown View Post
I was suffering from premature ejaculation, usually less than 30 seconds, due to stress. I avoid sex because of this. My friend recommended me DocDonald Panax Ginseng, so I purchased a bottle. Delivery was fast and payment was easy.

Like the product label stated, the effect will come after regular consumption, so I eat for twice daily for 3 weeks. I felt fresh. One day I feel my dick awaken during work and went home early. I was so horny after shower I bang my wife so long, she could feel the shock! My dick was solid hard and I felts her pussy tight and wet. She moaned loudly. This was my greatest sex ever these few years!

Docdonald tongkat ali gave me confidence to last longer and harder. Really thankful.
Originally Posted by Evra View Post
After eating the pills twice daily for 5 weeks and noticed itís power, I am afraid to eat it because I now need to fuck 3 times a day in order to satisfy my sex hunger. I fuck my mistress twice during the day and fuck my wife super hard and I still want sex. My wife became curious why I became so horny.

I need to eat tonics once a week to recover my body, because I fuck a lot. I also feel tired the next day due to too much sex. But I really thank DocDonald very much!

This pill that make my penis in superb condition I never have in my life. Donít think I can live without it now.
Originally Posted by Luckytime View Post
I became very horny after taking DocDonald for 3 weeks. I went to try on a hooker. We showered together the hooker was shocked to see why my dick was so hard. While stroking and foreplay she was worried she couldnít satisfy me. True enough after 2 rounds, she was too exhausted!

When i went home, I was still horny, with lots of energy and hardness my wife.. Super!
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