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Re: Great Bonks

Originally Posted by Breg2301 View Post
Sorry to those who had bad exp with Alexa.

I just have my honest FR, sorry it didn’t work out for you guys. In terms of look she is definitely my type.

For me her service is okay as I don’t French, I don’t paint and I don’t even ask for BBBJ because of health reasons. Should’ve given a disclaimer earlier.sorry guys
I have no problems with no painting and CBJ - bear in mind, OKT advertise painting, frenching as part of her service package. It's just her attitude - the icey cold, sian face, wanna get it over with, time watching look. For example, if CBJ, at least some foreplay to get didi up first before putting on condom.. but no.. she just slot in the condom first even though didi is still soft. Then ask her to at least catbath a while or some kisses to set the mood and get didi up.. she will tell you, no that's not part of my service, I don't french.. after I heard all that BS, I already no mood liao.

Oh she complain about the hotel as it's only 3 stars. I say keep her there or at 2 stars or Hotel 81.. she deserves no better.
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